Will the water retention of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose be different in different seasons?

Author: Geym

May. 20, 2024



HPMC has a water-retaining and thickening effect in cement mortar and gypsum-based mortar, and can effectively improve the adhesion and vertical resistance of mortar materials.

Factors such as gas, temperature and air pressure rates have an impact on the evaporation rate of water in cement mortars and gypsum-based products. Therefore, there is some variation in adding the same amount of HPMC product to maintain water efficiency in each season.

During concrete pouring, the water locking effect can be adjusted by increasing and decreasing the high fractional flow rate. The water-locking rate of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose at high temperatures is a key indicator for identifying the quality of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

High-quality HPMC products can effectively solve the problem of high temperature water locking. In high temperature seasons, especially in hot and humid areas and chromatography construction, high-quality HPMC is needed to improve the water solubility of the slurry.

High-quality hpmc is well-proportioned, and its methoxy and hydroxypropyl groups are evenly distributed on the cellulose molecular chain, which can improve the ability of oxygen molecules to form covalent bonds on hydroxyl and ether bonds. It can effectively control the evaporation of water caused by hot weather and achieve high water locking effect. High quality methyl cellulose hpmc can be used throughout mixed mortar and plaster of paris crafts.

The solid particles are encapsulated to form a moist film, and the normal water is gradually released over a long period of time, and solidifies with the organic collagen material to ensure bonding strength and tensile strength.

Therefore, in order to achieve the effect of saving water at the construction site in hot summer, we must add high-quality HPMC products according to the formula. Otherwise, product quality problems such as lack of coagulation, reduced strength, cracking, and gas drums will occur. Causes drying out too quickly. This also increases the difficulty of construction for workers. As the temperature decreases, the amount of hpmc added slowly decreases to achieve the same moisture content.






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